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Where can I buy BISSELL products in New Zealand ?

BISSELL products are available in a range of major retailers across New Zealand, including Smiths City, Harvey Norman, Noel Leeming, Godfreys, JB Hi-Fi and more. Alternatively, you can buy BISSELL products via our online store with just the click of a button. 

Where are BISSELL products made?

Some BISSELL products are manufactured at our US headquarters in Michigan, while others are made in Mexico, China, South Korea, and Malaysia. Our formulas are made in the United States.

How do I contact BISSELL customer service?

Our customer service are always on hand to answer questions and help in any way they can. If you cannot find your answer in our FAQ area, please feel free to contact us directly online via our support page or give us a call on 0800 BISSELL (247735). Our customer service hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm AEST, Monday to Friday.

Do I need an account to shop online with you?

No, you don’t need an account to buy BISSELL products online. You are able to check out as a guest, but we do recommend setting up an account as all of your details and information will be saved for next time.

Where can I find cleaning tips?

Looking for tips and tricks from industry experts? You can find BISSELL cleaning tips right here on our blogas well as the official BISSELL Australia YouTube channel. You’ll find everything you need to know about home cleaning, stain removal, carpet washing, pet stain removal, and so much more!

What are 'Retailer Exclusive' products?

If a product has the RETAILER tag then it is not available to purchase via the BISSELL website, only via the retailer that it is exclusive. Head to the product's page to find links to the relevant retailer.

How do I apply a discount code?

Don’t worry, it’s an easy 3-step process:

Add the item to your cart and continue to check out. 

On the payments page, there will be an option to add in your gift card details or discount code.

Fill in the required information and click apply.


I just placed my order but I changed my mind, who do I contact to cancel my order?

For cancellations or refunds please email within 24 hours of placing your order.

What is your refund & returns policy?

Should you receive your BISSELL Shop purchase and decide that you no longer require the product for whatever reason, they can be returned to receive a refund.

You must comply with the following:

1. Have proof of purchase (receipt, credit statement or invoice);
2. The products are returned in their original packaging with all labels and instruction manuals included, unused and undamaged;

3. The product you are returning is currently ranged by us;
4. You return the product within 14 working days after receiving your purchase from us; and you bear all costs, such as shipping and insurance, related to the return of the product to us.
5. Once we have received the goods we will refund you for the amount you paid for the machine only. Refunds excludes any other costs or expenses including incidental or consequential damages and postage/shipping costs for return of the product

Read More here

Are my personal details and payments secure on your website?

Absolutely! All your personal details and transactions are secure with a COMODO SSL 256-bit encryption key, so you can shop online with confidence.

What is your money-back guarantee policy?

We’re so sure that you’ll love the quality and performance of your BISSELL product; we’re offering a 30-day, 60-day and 90-day money-back guarantee on select items. For more information, please visit our website.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Shopify Payments, Mastercard, Visa, AfterPay, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay payments.

Where will my order be shipped from?

All spare parts will be shipped from Melbourne, Australia

Formulas/Machines will be shipped from Auckland, New Zealand subject to stock availability - some may be shipped from Australia.

Why wont it let me process my AfterPay order?

AfterPay requires you to use an email address to process your payment. If you attempt to checkout out with AfterPay using only your mobile number, AfterPay will decline the purchase. 

Where do I get more information about the products?

You can ask a question on the Reviews section of the product page, visit one of our retail partners, or contact customer service or on 0800 BISSELL (247735) Monday – Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm AEDT or go to

How long will my order take to arrive?

All machines and formula orders are dispatched from our warehouse in Auckland, New Zealand. All spare part orders are shipped from our Head Office in Mulgrave, Victoria. Once your order has been processed and packed, shipping usually takes between 5-14, depending on the delivery location. Tracking details will be sent to you from Australia Post once the order has been dispatched, which allows you to track your delivery in real-time.

What do I do if I am having a problem with my machine?

If you are having trouble operating your machine please revert to the User Guide, if you are still having trouble with your machine please contact Customer Service on 0800 BISSELL (247735), Monday – Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm AEDT or send an enquiry online.

Do BISSELL products come with an extended warranty?

An extended 3-year warranty is only available on BISSELL Professional products. 

Where can I purchase accessories for my machine?

On site, please see Accessories. Alternatively you can contact customer service on 0800 BISSELL (247735) Monday – Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm AEDT 

Are my personal details and payments secure on your website?

All your personal details and transactions are secure with a COMODO SSL 256 bit encryption key.

What are the differences between the Revolution machines?

Click here for comparison chart 

Where can I locate my BISSELL machine's model and serial number?

 Most model and serial numbers are located under your machine or on the back, on a white compliance sticker.

Can I use cleaning formulas other than the BISSELL brand?

BISSELL does not recommend using ANY cleaning products other than BISSELL specified products in our carpet washers. Our formulas are especially made with more active ingredients, contain no dyes and designed for optimum use in your BISSELL products.

Can I use Discount Codes with all products?

Discount Codes are not available on all items, exclusions apply including but not limited to AirRam Bundle, Clearance goods, Damaged Carton and Reworked items. Discounts are subject to BISSELL's discretion and BISSELL has the right to make changes without notice.

What is my BISSELL warranty on my machine?

To determine the length of warranty for your machine, please check the Warranty page in your User’s Guide, or please refer back to your machine on this website (warranty info)

Where do i get a parts diagram/ breakdown for my BISSELL?

Please call 0800 247 735 or email us and one of our representatives will assist you

Can I put parts from my machine in the dishwasher?

No, please do not put any parts from any BISSELL machine in your dishwasher. Doing this will warp your parts, therefore you would have to purchase a new one.

How do I find an authorised service agent closest to me?

If you experience any difficulties with your BISSELL product, please contact BISSELL Customer Support using this online form or via phone on 0800 BISSELL (247735), and they’ll put you in touch with a local authorised service agent who can help.

What does Heatwave Technology mean?

Provides a constant source of heat to help maintain water temperature through the carpet washing process.

My manufacturer's warranty has expired but I have Product Care, what should I do ?

Please refer to the retail store you purchased the unit from - as Product Care is through that retailer, not BISSELL.

How do I clean the belt spindle if it has developed rust?

If your machine's belt spindle has developed rust, make sure it is cleaned as soon as possible - as rust may wear the belt down prematurely or cause it to slip off. You may use light sand paper to sand the rust down if needed.

Where do I get a user guide for my BISSELL product?

The user guides for all BISSELL products are available online. Simply visit the product page, click the user guides tab and download the manual.

How do I register my BISSELL for extended warranty?

Click on the extended warranty tab on the BISSELL website here

Can I use my BISSELL for business?

Most BISSELL machines are made for domestic use only. The warranty of our machines applies to products used for personal purposes, and not commercial or rental service. The warranty does not apply to fans or routine maintenance or consumable components such as filters, belts, brush rolls, etc, damage or malfunction caused by negligence, abuse, neglect, unauthorized repair, or any other use not in accordance with the machines user guide. If your machine is used for commercial or rental purposes, the warranty will be voided.

Can I use vinegar through my BISSELL machine?

No. Please only use BISSELL formula and warm water in your machine. Never put descaling, alcoholic, or foreign detergent products into the machine - as this may damage it, make it unsafe for use, and void your warranty.

Can I use HOT water through my tanks?

No. Please only use only WARM tap water - up to 60 degrees Celsius MAX. Using hot water can warp the tanks and other components of your machine.

Can I use formulas for full size carpet washers in my portable carpet washer?

Your BISSELL is designed to use specific formulas. To find the appropriate formulas for your machine please refer back to your user manual.

Portable machines (i.e. the SpotClean and Stain Eraser series) aren't compatible with formulas for full-size upright machines.

Formulas for portable machines are 2x concentrated and are low-foaming. 15ml per full tank of water is sufficient for most cleaning tasks.

For formulas designed for portable carpet washers only click here

What types of flooring can the Hard Floor Cleaning Solutions formula be used on?

BISSELL Hard Floor Solutions safely and effectively remove deep down dirt to restore the natural shine of your linoleum, vinyl, sealed timber, polished concrete, laminate, or ceramic tile flooring.

What machines can I use the BISSELL Hard Floor Solutions cleaner with?

BISSELL Hard Floor Solutions are specially designed for use in BISSELL hard floor washers. Refer to your machine's user guide for recommended compatible formulas.

The BISSELL Hard Floor Solutions can also be used as an effective manual cleaner with a mop and bucket.

I have a Little Green machine, can I use the same formula as the portable SpotClean machines?pot cleaners?

Yes. For formulas compatible with portable machines, click here

What are the Pre-Treatment Sprays for?

For best results, we recommend pre-treating old or stubborn stains prior to using our machines. BISSELL Pre-Treatment Sprays are designed to mobilise and loosen stains, plus break down odours, to improve cleaning results. Click here to shop now.

How much formula should I put in my full-size upright BISSELL carpet washer?

If your formula is labelled as '2X Concentrate', we recommend about 60ml of BISSELL formula per full tank (1 cap), combined with 60ml of BISSELL Oxy Boost (if desired). If your formula is not labelled as '2X Concentrate', we recommend following the guidelines listed on the tank or in your machine's User Guide.

OXY BOOST - do I need to use it?

We recommend adding Oxy Boost to your tank for best results on old stains, stubborn messes, and lighter-coloured fabrics and carpets.

Maximize your carpet cleaner’s performance with BISSELL Oxy Boost Carpet Cleaning Formula Enhancer.

Simply add to your tank along with formula and clean like you normally would. The oxygen in the enhancer creates a reaction with the stain on contact to remove even tough, set-in stains. It’s a difference you can see.

Carpet cleaning formula enhancer designed to remove old, set-in stains permanently.

Safe for use in all carpet cleaners and with all formulas.

Maximizes the performance of any carpet cleaning machine.

My BISSELL steam mop will only steam when the trigger is pressed. Why?

Bissell steam mops have steam on demand triggers - this is the safest option for your floors and most economical with water usage. You're only using steam when you need it.

The trigger allows you to park the machine safely on your floor while you've paused cleaning to move furniture/pick up toys out of the way etc.

My BISSELL steam mop has no steam?

Please check the water filter for any discoloration. If you have not changed your filter for 6-8 months please replace it as it may be clogged. You can buy the water filters from our Bissell Shop.

Why has my BISSELL Crosswave left streaks on my floor?

Each home and floor type is different. Streaks can occur for a variety of reasons - from the technique used with the machine, to the type of flooring, to the amount of product built up from previous cleaning methods... Even to the amount of dirt on the floor, or whether the bottom of your machine is dirty or not. Here are some tips that may assist:

1.To prevent floors from streaking with Crosswave, make sure you are using the appropriate amount of formula in the tank. Our Multi-Surface Pet formula is 7x concentrate - use less of this formula than what's recommended in the User Manual or on the tank markings. Our Wood Floor Formula, Hard Floor Sanitise Formula, and Area Rug Formula are non-concenrates - so follow the guidelines on the tank for those. Some high-gloss floors respond better to the Hard Floor Sanitise Formula due to its higher alcohol content. You can also try using deminerlised water - this is particularly helpful if you live in an area with hard water or tank water.

2.Streaks can also occur if you’re applying too much water to the floor. Once you have completed your slow wet passes (pressing the trigger), ensure you repeat these slow passes using dry mode (releasing the trigger) to suction up excess water.

3.Ensure you're moving Crosswave far slower than you would with a traditional vacuum - the slower you move the machine, the better the result you will have. Clean in slow straight lines back and forth where possible, and clean along the grain of the floor.

4.We also suggest to try the machine with an alternative brush roll. Each floor is different, and some floors respond better to our Wood Floor Brush Roll. This brush roll is comprised solely of soft microfibre, which tends to leave a better finish on high-gloss floors.

5.Always ensure the bottom of your machine is kept clean, the wheels are wiped down regularly, and the filter is always kept clean and dry.

Do I need to clean the grill in the cap of my Crosswave clean water tank?

If you live in an area with hard water - make sure you wash the cap and insert on the Clean Water Tank with warm water and use a soft-bristled brush to remove any mineral or calcium buildup. This will help keep the water output of your Crosswave working at its best.

How do I clean my BISSELL Crosswave brush roll?

You can clean the Crosswave brush roll by using the supplied Rinsing & Storage Tray (corded models), or activating the Self-Clean Cycle while docked on the charging base (cordless models).

Your brush may also be cleaned by hand by removing it from the machine and squeezing it while under running water.

Please refer to your User Guide for thorough instructions on cleaning your Crosswave brush roll.

Why does my BISSELL Crosswave have low or no suction?

Ensure your filter is washed at least monthly, and 100% dry and clean from debris between uses.

Crosswave filters should be changed every 3 - 4 months.

Spare filters can be found on our website here.

Ensure your machine has no blockages, and that the brush roll cover is on securely.

Why won't the brush roll on my CrossWave turn?

Ensure the brush roll and the brush roll spindle are free from hair and debris wrapped around them.

For further troubleshooting, contact Bissell or watch this video.

Does the CrossWave leave the floor dry after cleaning or do you have to wait and let it dry?

If wet mode has been used (by pressing the trigger in the handle), Crosswave will leave the floor mopped. It will be less wet compared to regular mopping, as the vacuum action sucks up any excess water. On average, Crosswave uses 1 tablespoon of water per square metre. Most floors will dry within a few minutes, and the more dry passes you do over your floor - the quicker the area will dry.

How often do I need to change my Crosswave filter?

To maintain best cleaning performance, we recommend to change the Crosswave filter every 3-4 months. Filters are available at leading electrical retailers, and through our website here.

Is the Crosswave suitable for carpets?

The Crosswave is primarily to be used on sealed hard floors and low-pile area rugs.

You can lightly refresh your low-pile carpets with Crosswave, but it isn't designed to be a carpet washer replacement or stand-alone dry vacuum replacement for carpets.

For deep carpet cleaning and stain removal we suggest looking into our carpet washers.

Is the Crosswave suitable for vinyl floors?

Crosswave is suitable for most sealed hard floors, including vinyl floors - as water ouput is controlled by the water and it does not subject the floor to steam or heat. We always suggest testing the machine out in a discreet area first if concerned.

Is the CrossWave suitable for laminate floors?

We consider CrossWave can be used on all sealed finishes although if in doubt it’s always good to test any cleaner first in an inconspicuous area. CrossWave uses very little water – under normal use only a tablespoon per square metre. Because CrossWave is only using clean solution during cleaning (not re-wiping dirty water over surfaces) it helps eliminate haze and as it vacuums up both water and dirt floors dry rapidly leaving little opportunity for foot prints.

Is the CrossWave suitable for timber flooring?

Crosswave is suitable for use on sealed timber floors. Crosswave uses a soft microfibre brush roll ideal for timber surfaces - and under normal use it only applies 1 tablespoon of fluid per square metre.

There is an optional Wood Floor Formula for Crosswave available to help restore the natural shine of your timber floors.

My vacuum is blowing dust. What do I check?

If your vacuum is blowing dust from the exhaust filter when switched on, it is likely your pre-motor and post-motor filter need to be cleaned, replaced, or a filter isn't in correctly.

Refer to your User Manual for filter maintenance instructions.

Make sure there are no clogs in the hose. To unclog the hose massage the clogged area to work the debris out from the hose. Check the hose for any damage.

If you are still having difficulty, please contact us on 1300 247 735 or

I have SmartStrand carpet, which vacuum do you recommend?

Any of our vacuums featuring a height-adjustment floor nozzle, such as our Powerforce Helix range.

My vacuum has no or low suction. What do I check?

No or low suction is most commonly attributed to a blockage within the airpath of the vacuum, or dirty filters. Ensure you remove and wash your vacuum's filters at least monthly - washing them under running water until they are clean, and leaving them to dry thoroughly before reinserting into the cleaner.

Spare filters can be purchased online here.

Where do I find the model and serial number on my vacuum?

The model and serial numbers are typically located on the back or bottom of the vacuum, on a white compliance label.

The brush on my vacuum is not turning. What do I check?

With the vacuum switched off/unplugged, check the vacuum's brush for hair and thread wrapped around it that may be preventing it from turning. Remove the brush and use scissors or a knife to carefully cut and remove hair from the brush roll. Ensure the brush spindle and brush housing is also free of hair and debris.

If your vacuum has a brush belt accessible by the user, your brush belt may need replacing. Refer to your User Manual for belt replacement instructions.

Spare brushes and belts can be found on our website.

My vacuum has no power. What do I check?

If your vacuum is battery operated, check that it is charging correctly and that there is no damage to the charging cable. Check any indicator lights that flash or illuminate when you attempt to switch it on - refer to the User Guide for battery error indicators.

If your vacuum is corded, please refer to the User Guide for troubleshooting.

If you are still having difficulty, please contact us on 1300 247 735 or

The filter door on my BISSELL vacuum cleaner keeps popping off. Why is this?

It may have warped due to the motor overheating - usually caused by a dirty filter restricting airflow.

Please clean or replace the filter - you may also need to replace the filter door.

Spare parts can be found on our website.

Are all carpet washers properly equipped to clean an entire home?

No. Some carpet washers are better suited to cleaning small, everyday messes such as spills, spots and small sections of upholstery - like our portable range. When purchasing a deep cleaner to clean your entire home, it is important to consider features such as the tank capacity, cleaning path width, motor size, and features. For cleaning whole homes with rooms of carpet and upholstery, you may want to consider one of our full-size upright machines.

Can I use my BISSELL carpet washer on hard floors?

Some of our carpet washers have an optional bare floor tool which you can use on your hard floors once attached. Please refer back to your user manual or contact us to confirm that this tool can be purchased for your machine.

I have a few small areas that need cleaning. What would you recommend?

For quick cleanups of spots and spills, BISSELL recommends the BISSELL Stain Eraser Pet. The Stain Eraser sprays, lifts and removes tough spots and spills when they happen.

For larger spots and small area cleaning, BISSELL recommends one of our BISSELL SpotClean portable washers. The Spot Clean effectively deep cleans spots, spills, high traffic and small areas including stairs, upholstery and auto interiors.

What are the differences between the ProHeat 2x Revolution machines?

Please click here for a comparison chart. NOTE: The model numbers of the machines shown are now 3631F, 3636P, and 3636F respectively.

How do I reset my BISSELL carpet washer?

You will see 2-3 screws at the back of the unit with arrows pointing to them. Can you please unscrew theses screws ONLY with the arrows pointing to them, pull the handle piece up and put back in, please re screw the screws and test the unit again

Can I use a BISSELL upright carpet washer on shag pile carpet?

We do not recommend using any BISSELL shampooer that has a rotating brush roll on shag pile.

Can I use my portable or handheld carpet washer as a dry vacuum?

The BISSELL portable and handheld carpet washer are wet extraction models only. Please do not use them as a dry vacuum. If you use as a dry vacuum, you may damage your deep cleaner and void your warranty. Please refer to the “how to use” section of your User’s Guide for additional details.

How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

Drying time varies by type of carpet, fabric, upholstery,
thickness and cleaning technique of the user. However, it is best to wait two to three hours before walking on the carpet after deep cleaning. Some of our full-size upright machines include Express Mode - which can have carpets dry in as little as half an hour.

Note: The user is in control of the water output with BISSELL machines. Press the trigger to release water & formula, let go of the trigger to dry. Continuously holding down the trigger is not necessary.

How long will it take to clean a room?

This can vary depending on the user, however it normally takes less than an hour to clean an average 12′ x 12′ room.

My SpotClean / carpet washer upholstery hose will not spray. What can I do to correct it?

If your spot clean is not spraying please refer to your User Guide for troubleshooting, or see our troubleshooting video here.

If your SpotClean or carpet washer upholstery hose has not been used for some time and is not spraying, it may have lost its prime. To prime, sit the unit on a table or level elevated surface - then turn the machine on and hold the spray trigger down for one minute while the hose is hanging below the machine (you're aiming for gravity to assist the pump with priming the water line) until the unit sprays again.

My SpotClean is leaking from the bottom. What can I do to correct this?

Make sure the collection tank is locked into the unit. You should be able to hear/feel the tank “click” into place. If the collection tank will not lock into place; check the stem on the back of the collection tank near the top isn't broken or warped. Ensure the rubber stopper on the dirt tank is closed, and the float stack and its collar are assembled correctly. Ensure you're not using too much formula, or the incorrect formula. Using too much formula or incompatible product often leads to over-foaming, which can cause foam/liquid to eject itself out the back and bottom of the unit.

My Proheat 2X Revolution has No Spray?

If your Proheat 2X Revolution has no spray please refer to the troubleshooting guide.

My Proheat 2X Revolution has No Suction.

If your Proheat 2X Revolution has no suction please refer to the troubleshooting guide.

How do I check/change the belts on my Proheat 2X Revolution?

Please refer to the User Guide, or this video.

My Proheat 2X Revolution has no suction. What should I check?

If your Proheat 2X Revolution has no suction please refer to the User Guide, or this video.

My Proheat 2X Revolution has no spray?

If your Proheat 2X Revolution has no spray, please refer to the User Guide or this video.

My User Guide that came with my Upright Carpet Washer recommends performing a Water Rinse after deep cleaning. Is this necessary?

While rinsing after deep cleaning is optional, BISSELL recommends this step for two reasons. A final water rinse of the carpet will help remove any excess soap and which could attract dirt when your carpet is dry. Running plain hot tap water will also help “flush” the internal tubing of the machine to help prevent odours which can be caused when cleaning formula/dirt is left behind in the machine.

Can I use my upright carpet washer as a dry vacuum?

BISSELL upright carpet washers are designed for use as wet extractors only. Please thoroughly vacuum debris and hair from your carpet with a separate dry vacuum prior to using your BISSELL carpet washer. Improper use can result in damage to the machine. Please refer to the User Guide for your product and read the “How to use” section.

Will deep cleaning work on all carpets and fabrics?

A BISSELL carpet washer machine is safe and effective on many carpet types, although certain pure wool carpets require extra special care. BISSELL recommends checking and following the care label and/or manufacturer's cleaning instructions for carpets, rugs, upholstery, and car interiors prior to using our products. Our carpet washers are not suitable for pure wool, viscose, jute, velvet, silk, leather, natural suede.

What is deep cleaning and why is it worthwhile?

Deep cleaning is a carpet-cleaning process that loosens and removes most of the harmful dirt and debris, in addition to ground-in dirt, stains, and allergens which may be deep down in the fibres of your rugs and carpets. Not only does it protect the investment you have in your home, but parents of young children, pet owners, and allergy sufferers may find deep cleaning especially beneficial.

Read more about the efficacy of carpet washing in regards to allergen removal compared to market leading dry vacuum cleaners here.

Why does "stain resistant" carpet even need to be cleaned?

Even though pre-treatment your carpet with a stain repellant helps resist stains, carpet manufacturers typically recommend maintenance of their “stain resistant” carpets. This is because dust mites, allergens, stains, embedded dirt and ground-in dirt should be flushed from the carpet fibres to prevent odours, bacteria growth, and damage to the resistant coating.

Why should I buy a BISSELL Carpet washer?

No manufacturer of home carpet washers are more experienced in the deep cleaning category than BISSELL. In all modesty, we pioneered the category and have been doing it longer than anyone else. BISSELL cleaning machines are recognised as the high-quality standard of the industry with durability and reliability engineered into each unit, every step of the way.

We also offer a whole suite of biodegradable, family-safe US-made formulas to work with our machines to arguably give you the best results in the industry.

Will water harm my carpet?

The mix of water and cleaning formula is essential to the dirt removal and carpet protection process. While most carpet types can be cleaned with water, BISSELL recommends following the carpet manufacturer’s suggestions when deep cleaning your carpet.

Will deep cleaning work on more than my carpet?

Most owners also regularly clean furniture upholstery, car upholstery, and stairs. Many BISSELL Carpet Washers have tools available for bare floor cleaning and other types of cleaning needs.

Do I have to vacuum first BEFORE I use my BISSELL carpet washer?

Yes. Carpet washers do not clean up debris or hair. Vacuum thoroughly prior to using your carpet washer.

How to care for my steam mop, what liquid can I use?

Your BISSELL Steam Mop has been designed to be used with tap water although to prolong its life the use of demineralised water is strongly recommended. Demineralised water is a special type of purified water that has been processed to removes all of its minerals and salt ions.

Tap water generally contains numerous impurities, minerals and other organic compounds that can damage steam mops and other products with boilers such as kettles, irons etc. Especially if you live in an area with hard water, minerals like calcium can contribute to lime scale build up adversely affecting performance, steam generation and the life of your BISSELL.

What is the best formula for my machine?

Click here for formula chart

Does the SpinWave Robot have mapping technology?

No, the SpinWave wet and dry robotic vacuum employs BISSELL wet cleaning expertise to actively mop or powerfully vacuum floors via smart, structured cleaning paths.

What does 'Damaged Carton' mean?

'Damaged Carton' means that the original box the machine comes in is damaged. There is no damage to the machine or product itself. 'Damaged Carton' machines come with a 1 year warranty.

Where can I dispose of my BISSELL at the end of its life?

Please click herefor more information on electronic and appliance disposal in New Zealand.

Can I cancel my online order after it has been shipped?

All orders cancelled after the item(s) have been shipped will incur a $30 cancellation fee.

If you have a change of mind on a machine purchase or any order over $150 and your order has already left our warehouse, please reject your delivery when it arrives to ensure the items get returned to BISSELL as soon as possible. 

If you accept the delivery, you will be required to return the parcel back to us at your own expense. 

We will only be able to issue you a refund once the goods have arrived back to us in their original condition.

For orders under $150, please contact customer service to discuss further.

How do I wash my mop pads?

Mop pads can be machine washed in warm water. Use only non-bleach liquid detergents. Do not use fabric softeners or bleach. For best results, air dry or hand wash.

What can I use BISSELL scented water for?

We offer a range of deminerlised scented waters that can be used in BISSELL steam mops and hard floor cleaners. Simply use it on its own, or mixed with water. Find themhere.

How much formula do I put into my portable SpotClean or Stain Eraser machine?

Most of our portable formulas are labelled as '2X Concentrate' - so a little goes a long way. We recommend no more than 15 - 30ml of formula per full tank of water. Combine with 60ml of Oxy Boost should it be required for tough stains or lighter-coloured fabrics/carpets. If your formulas are not marked as '2X Concentrate', we recommend following the guidelines marked on your tank or in your machine's User Guide.

Can I use my Crosswave as a dry vacuum?

Crosswave isn't designed to be used solely as a dry vacuum - but yes, you can just vacuum by simply not pressing the trigger for water. However, it is best to have some water in the dirt tank to keep the dust and dirt away from the filter. Crosswave is designed to be used as a vacuum and mop combo. For ultimate performance it is best when using both.

When you turn Crosswave on, it starts in 'dry mode'. Crosswave only outputs water when you press the trigger to activate 'wet mode'.

How do I remove the handle on my Crosswave Pet/Crosswave Cordless??

Remove the clean water tank from your machine. You will then see a round rubber circle. Please press that in with a pen and lift the handle off at the same time. Click here to watch a short video demonstration. 

Why is my BISSELL steam mop not steaming?

Please check the water filter for any discoloration (on applicable models). If you have not changed your filter for 6-8 months please replace it as it may be clogged. You can buy most compatible water filters from our our website.

Check you have enough water in the water tank. If tank is empty, refill with plain tap water. Do not fill your steam cleaner with alcohol, vinegar, essential oils or other foreign product.

Make sure your steam cleaner is primed. With the machine on, hold the trigger down for 1 to 2 minutes until you see steam.

Check the steam tips for any blockages. With the machine off, cooled, and unplugged - use the end of a paper clip to clear any potential build-up that could be blocking the steam tip.

Contact BISSELL customer care if you still cannot get your steam mop to generate steam.

How do I download the BISSELL Connect App?

Download app from the Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store.

What types of floors can the BISSELL Robots be used on?

BISSELL Robots can be used on low pile carpets/area rugs and hard
floors. It has Auto Floor Type Recognition - Self adjusts to different floor types. It is not intended for use on: High pile carpet, or black or very dark
carpet - it will trigger the sensors (thinking it is on a cliff/edge of stairs) and the robot will turn off.

What machines are compatible with the BISSELL Connect App?

The SpinWave Robot, SpinWave R5 Robot, & CleanView Connect Robot.

Do all BISSELL Robot Vacuums have mapping capabilities?

BISSELL SpinWave R5 is the only BISSELL robotic vacuum + mop that maps your space using 360-Degree LiDAR technology combined with the BISSELL Connect App. This means the robot intelligently navigates your space - knowing where it has been and where it has yet to clean. Within the app, you're able to divide your home into zones and schedule certain areas to be cleaned at different times, and block out zones where the robot can and can't go. CleanView Connect and original SpinWave Robot do not have mapping capabilities.

What is HydroSteam™ Technology?

HydroSteam™ Technology is BISSELL’s patented combination of steam, water and cleaning formula to remove tough stuck on messes on hard floor, carpet and upholstery. Only BISSELL has HydroSteam™ Technology across a family of products including: CrossWave®, Revolution® and SpotClean®. You can find our HydroSteam range of products HERE.

HydroSteam™ Technology makes it easier and faster to completely remove the worst stuck-on messes and set-in stains. The combination of steam, water and cleaning formula work to loosen and lift messes from a variety of surfaces.

How does HydroSteam™ Technology differ to that of a steam mop?

HydroSteam™ Technology is not the same as a steam mop, nor is it a replacement for one. It is a technology integrated into our new range of CrossWave, Revolution, and SpotClean machines.

HydroSteam Technology uses an extruded heater to create steam from water and cleaning formula to release stuck-on and sticky messes from the surface more efficiently.

A steam mop generates steam via a traditional cast heater or boiler and uses the output steam and a usually a microfibre cloth or pad to clean. Steam mops are only designed for use across sealed hard surfaces, whereas you can find HydroSteam Technology across a range of products designed for cleaning hard floors, carpets, and upholstery.

How does CrossWave HydroSteam™ differ to the other CrossWave machines?

In its exclusive SteamWash Mode, CrossWave HydroSteam uses HydroSteam Technology to loosen and lift sticky or tough stuck-on messes up to 20% better than CrossWave models without HydroSteam Technology.

SteamWash Mode releases water, cleaning formula, and steam (generated from water and cleaning formula) to release stuck-on and sticky messes from the surface more efficiently. All other CrossWave models use water and cleaning formula only.


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